Reed 3Q, 12", Cocobolo (with TW Raven AC-1)

October 2012

I mounted Reed 3Q on TW Raven AC-1 and a few months ago I added a 2nd arm, the latest Graham Phantom 12 inch arm.

Initially, I tried Reed with Koetsu Coralstone and did not like the result very much. It was ok but felt it could be better and eventually felt that Koetsu was best
matched to FR 64s which I use with Micro Seiki BL-111 table. TW told me in the past that Koetsu does not match well but did not say because they don't like Koetsu
house sound or if there is a specific problem with their table so how much was TW's fault and how much was Reed, I don't know. Anyhow, Reed 3Q works very well with Air Tight Supreme PC-1 (which I recently moved to Graham). It also sounds wonderful with Lyra Atlas. In comparison to Graham using Air Tight PC-1 Supreme, it really depend on your preference. I think Reed is the more musical arm. Graham seems to do everything right, faster, stronger, lots and lots of detail, tighter bass, big wide soundstage with very tight focus image but may be a bit on the cool side. Reed is fuller, warmer, better decay, richer harmonic, a little bit more laid back. Bass is a bit bigger but not as fast or tight a bit less transient attack and impact. Some may say Graham is more neutral and Reed is more colored which I supposed would not be wrong either but I would say colored in a good way. Being a not so competent amateur pianist with a Grotrian grandpiano in the same living room as my stereo, I feel that piano sound more natural and definitely more pleasing on Reed than Graham though.

Basically with TW Raven AC-1, it really depends on what I want to listen to. Vocal music (Mary Black, David Roth, Allan Taylor, Taiwanese singer Tchai Chin, Eva Cassidy, etc), chamber music, piano, I prefer Reed over Graham. On Rock, pop type music, I go for Graham. On large scale orchestral music, if I want to go for big impact, exciting performance i.e. Shostakovich, Mahler, I prefer Graham. For Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Reed has a slight edge.

I have not try Lyra Atlas with Graham to compare but will do so soon. I was told that Lyra really prefers copper over silver wire. My Reed has Silver wire so I am waiting on copper DIN phono cable to arrive before I will try Lyra with Graham as my Graham also has silver cable currently.

Suteetat, Thailand


Reed 2P, 12", Cocobolo

September 2012

As for the audio experience, I find that I'm loving it more and more. It is just so natural and I am hearing I have never heard before on some of my favorite records.

My Puritas is an extremely resolving cartridge and was always superb. But your arm has taken it to levels I would not have believed possible.

The soundstaging which was always superb with the puritas is now staggeringly good both in width and depth. Bass is deeper and tighter. Highs are sweeter. The complete deal.

Extremely musical and supremely natural. I love it to bits...

Imran, Singapore


Reed 3P, 12", Palladium Satin (with Platine Verdier)

August 2012

The PV is a very special turntable by its own. There is no TT which is known to me being able to deliver such a amount of darkness between the grooves like the PV.

And for me it seems the 3p enjoys very very much its new rest made out of solid wood. Thanks to the construction of this arm it is easily adjustable according to the needs of the PV. And honestly I am very limited on words to describe the sound of this marriage. My wife and me did spend the yesterday evening together with Franki Boy which has been a great and outstanding pleasure. Beside the pleasure for the ears this marriage is providing the 3p on its wooden rest is an eye-catcher now in our living room being presented by the PV in a way it earned it.

One more time thanks for making this experience possible.

The 3p did replace my large Ikeda IT407 and I am pretty sure that with this combination I can now become old without any hesitation. My search is over now. Finally I got the perfect setup.

Bernd, Germany


Reed 3P, 12", Palladium Satin (with Dr. Feickert's Woodpecker)

April 2012

My compliments to the product which has been designed and produced by you. As far as I have come up to now I must say that the 3p appears to me as a perfect result of craftsmanship and engineering. A piece of real art. I have been using all type of high end arms on my different tables now (SME V, Graham, Ikeda) but never have seen something that perfect. Congratulations to you and your team.

Since some hours Joan Baez personally seems to be in my living room. Wow. I thank you very much making such an experience possible for an elder music lover like me. If have never listened to my records like now with the 3P.

Thanks to the inbuilt construction details and the quality of this perfect tool I have been able to recognize first time of my life how much of different setup each record requires in order to get the best results possible. Using the 3p provides the music lover now the capability making the necessary adjustments on the fly in order to really appreciate his black gold.

With no other setup I have been able listening to such a huge soundstage and 3D imaging like with the 3p. At the same time this setup provides that much of emotional involvement and the setup is very easy and accurate.

I will spend my afternoon enjoying this new experience. You must understand a lot of what is behind the magic of record play back.

Bernd, Germany