Two new finish options for Reed tonearms

June 2011

We are introducing two new types of finish to our Reed tonearm line.
New Ruthenium Glossy and Palladium Satin coatings will extend our current tonearm color line and will introduce even more possibilities to match tonearm design to your existing hi-fi audio system.

With its nearly mystical black and shiny surface, Ruthenium Glossy finish is one of our premium tonearm coatings. Ruthenium itself is an exceedingly rare, shiny precious metal from the platinum group of metals which is highly resistant to wear due to it's exceptional hardness.

Palladium Satin coating will add up to our silvery-white tonearm finish range helping you to find a perfect match to your taste.Palladium is a rare and lustrous metal, which is also resistant to atmospheric impact. Palladium Satin finish makes its place between Seashell White and Rhodium coatings, being a good-looking color for a reasonable price.


Milano high-end show 2011

April 2011

We are happy to announce that our Italian distributor Audioplasma (special thanks to Diego Andreoli) presented Reed tonearms in a trade show in Milan this March. Here are a few pics from their showroom.



2011 Audio show in Portugal

April 2011

The year has passed and we are proud to announce another successful representation of our tonearms in Audio Show (Lisbon, Portugal), thanks to our distributor in Portugal ZenAudio. You can find some pictures from the showroom below.


RMAF 2010: media reports

October 2010

Our US distributor Xact Audio participated in Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 with our Reed 2P and 3Q tonearms. Few show reports from the media:

Photos courtesy of Dagogo


Reed 3Q in Analog Forum Krefeld 2010

October 2010

Reed tonearm attracted a lot of visitors' interest in Analog Forum Krefeld 2010 (held on October 2nd-3rd). Our tonearm was represented by our distributor in Germany [Audiovertrieb Andrejs Staltmanis]. Audio system included: Reed 3Q ( tonearm, MC 20 Supreme Classic (Ortofon) cartridge, S1 Starling ( turntable, PHONO -2 LCR (U.S. Patent US 7,493,180 B2) (NEM) preamplifier, AI-50 (NEM) power amplifier, No.32 29hz-21khz, 95 dB (Odeon) speakers and Audio Lignum rack.


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