Reed 3Q review - in Taiwan's MY-HIEND

December 2012

Mr. Leo Yeh and Mark Ho reviewed Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker turntable and Reed 3Q tonearm in major Taiwan Hi-End online magazine MY-HIEND. You can download 5-page PDF article (in Chinese) from our Reviews section.


Reed in Analogforum 2012

November 2012

In the beginning of November Reed was represented in Analogforum 2012 (Krefeld) by Audiovertrieb Andrejs Staltmanis - our distributor in Germany. This time, we were showing a special edition of Reed 3P which featured 15" armwand made of Pernambuco wood.

You can find a few pictures from the show below:


Reed 2A tonearm review in AUDIOreview magazine

November 2012

Our Reed 2A tonearm (along with Dr. Feickert Firebird turntable) was reviewed in Italy's magazine AUDIOreview. You can download 3-page PDF article (in Italian) from our Reviews section.


Taking Reed to a new heights, literally

September 2012

Our customers live in various parts of the world, different latitudes and longitudes, countries varying from Canada to South Africa. However our brand is not frequently represented at places, which are over 5 km above sea level. One of our colleagues, a cycling enthusiast, took it with him to a Gyatso La pass (5220 m) in Himalaya, while on a mountain bike ride from Lhasa to Kathmandu.

Are you not only an audio connoisseur, but also a dedicated adventurer? Share your story with us!


Reed 3P tonearm review in LP magazine

May 2012

Our Reed 3P tonearm was reviewed in LP magazine (issue 3/2012) by it's editor, Mr. Holger Barske. If you can read German, you can download 4-page PDF article from our Reviews section and see what true audio professional has to say about our latest tonearm.


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