Reed L 9.5", Black edition, Finewire C37 WBT wiring

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Fantastic, I am very very pleased ! Just a short feedback after an initial 3 days listening period. The tonearm is fabulous. I know this is only 'cosmetics' but I am impressed by the finish which is absolutely on a par with the Schroeders, SME, Graham, Wheaton etc. The sound is equally impressive. Very dynamic, deep controlled bass, a perfect 'rythm mashine'. The soundstage is very good and wide. It handles all kinds of music with great authority. I am convinced it is right up in the same league with the above 'competition'. The set up was very easy. I used my 'Dr. Feickert' protractor tool. Even without adjustment slots in the headshell (just round holes) the needle hit the two measurement spots on the protractor scale (Baerwald, Loefgren? I don't know) with 100 % accuracy! On top of all that, dealing with you guys via email was an absolute joy. Very professional people.

Thomas J├╝tte (Germany)