Reed 3Q 12", Gold Matte edition, Finewire C37 WBT Nextgen wiring

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The main topic of the June issue was the turntable and tonearm of the Lithuanian company Both elements were brilliant, but in my opinion, the turntable requires still some work around cosmetics and, maybe, the motor power supply. However the Reed 3Q tonearm is a finalized, brilliantly finished product, splendid sound wise, and a beautiful item to look at. Thanks to the laser pointer setting the VTA is a breeze. All this makes it clear, that when looking for such items, we should have a very close look at the company’s offerings. This is also the reason I bought such a tonearm for myself. This may look like reverse logic in acquiring an analog system, as I do not posses a turntable, but I think it was a good move. I could not resist the Reed, I have mine already, with the inscription engraved on the base – my name and the “High Fidelity” title – a very nice gesture from the Lithuanians.

Wojciech Pacuła / Editor of High Fidelity (Poland)