Reed 3P, 12", Palladium Satin (with Platine Verdier)

The PV is a very special turntable by its own. There is no TT which is known to me being able to deliver such a amount of darkness between the grooves like the PV.

And for me it seems the 3p enjoys very very much its new rest made out of solid wood. Thanks to the construction of this arm it is easily adjustable according to the needs of the PV. And honestly I am very limited on words to describe the sound of this marriage. My wife and me did spend the yesterday evening together with Franki Boy which has been a great and outstanding pleasure. Beside the pleasure for the ears this marriage is providing the 3p on its wooden rest is an eye-catcher now in our living room being presented by the PV in a way it earned it.

One more time thanks for making this experience possible.

The 3p did replace my large Ikeda IT407 and I am pretty sure that with this combination I can now become old without any hesitation. My search is over now. Finally I got the perfect setup.

Bernd, Germany