Reed 3P, 12", Palladium Satin (with Dr. Feickert's Woodpecker)

My compliments to the product which has been designed and produced by you. As far as I have come up to now I must say that the 3p appears to me as a perfect result of craftsmanship and engineering. A piece of real art. I have been using all type of high end arms on my different tables now (SME V, Graham, Ikeda) but never have seen something that perfect. Congratulations to you and your team.

Since some hours Joan Baez personally seems to be in my living room. Wow. I thank you very much making such an experience possible for an elder music lover like me. If have never listened to my records like now with the 3P.

Thanks to the inbuilt construction details and the quality of this perfect tool I have been able to recognize first time of my life how much of different setup each record requires in order to get the best results possible. Using the 3p provides the music lover now the capability making the necessary adjustments on the fly in order to really appreciate his black gold.

With no other setup I have been able listening to such a huge soundstage and 3D imaging like with the 3p. At the same time this setup provides that much of emotional involvement and the setup is very easy and accurate.

I will spend my afternoon enjoying this new experience. You must understand a lot of what is behind the magic of record play back.

Bernd, Germany