AudioGourmet 2013: High-End audio in homeland

Reed team participated in AudioGourmet 2013 Hi-End Audio show (Vilnius, Lithuania). Visitors of our room could see and hear our Reed 2A, Reed 3Q and Reed 3P tonearms (to demonstrate their full potential, Dr. Feickert's Firebird turntable and Allnic Puritas cartridge were used, among other gear). Also, curious ones were attracted by a CAD-based video, showing the inner parts of our Reed 3P tonearm. And, for the first time in public, we were presenting our new product line - Reed Muse turntables (prototype stage).

Below you can find some pictures from the show (click the picture to see bigger version).

AudioGourmet is the only major High-End show in Lithuania. Held every two years, it attracts dedicated audiophiles, audio professionals and all the people that share a passion to music. This year it attracted a lot of attention from mass media and we are very happy that Reed products got noticed as well. Our tonearms were featured on two TV channels and even made it to the prime-time news coverage (screenshots can be seen below).